The following are people, places, things, concepts, etc. from the Ivory Chronicles novels either expressed specifically within them or from my personal development of the universe.

Regional Structure (Central Region)  The Central Region is the area that lies between the Southern Territories, the Darklands making up a large portion of that region, and the Northern Kingdoms. Within the Central Region, there lies small city-states, (Temlen being the most prosperous and renown) each a self-sustaining community with its own governing body. At the top of each city-state is the Sovereign, who has the wealth and power of kings and queens, but on a smaller scale. Most Sovereigns have advisors, officials, and paid servants who aid in the Sovereign’s duties. Each also has an army of soldiers. The cities seldom war against one another, so the armies largely serve to police the city and protect it from outside threats.

As city-states, much of the land in the Central Region is not claimed and remains wild. The reach of land ownership to a city seldom goes beyond a short distance outside the city walls – only enough to use for farmland.


Mahrsullus – The Mahrsulluses are a large, bestial race. Though often met with fear and uncertainty, they hold a level of intelligence and sophistication that is veiled due to their inherent connection to the Deep Realm. No one is certain how the connection originated as a Mahrsullus is not inherently evil, and they are thereby not created by D’varatos, yet this connection strains their minds to the point where they are often incapable of verbally communicating with the common races.

To this end, there is common ground between a Mahrsullus and an Abandoned. As both have a foot outside of this reality, they are able to find a sense of belonging and someone to communicate with. This can often create a quite dangerous partnership for the rest of civilization.

Though it has been know for the Mahrsullus to befriend others, as they are able to understand gesticulations and intentions, it is very rare and they are often confronted with fear, aggression, and uncertainty. They are largely found alone in the wilderness and left alone if at all possible.