Ivory Chronicles is an epic fantasy written in a universe where legendary magic is commonplace. It is rife with both the familiar and new to create a recognizable, yet exciting world filled with wonders. At the heart of this story is themes of humanity, conflict, friendships, and redemption. This tale focuses on Bauldane, who awakens in the home of a very private yet dangerously protective race called the Aulaens. He finds his body is nothing more than the pale white frame of a skeleton. His past gone, and a dark curse embedded within his hands, he will set out in search of the one who made him this way. He will stop at nothing to regain what was lost to him.

“I cannot wait for the next book to come! The characters are wonderfully developed, background details are enough for me to picture the story as I read it but not overloaded to where they are distracting, and the storyline is original and fascinating! Would HIGHLY recommend this book!”
-Amazon Review
“If you like adventure, if you like fantasy, if you like stories of good versus evil, you’ll love this book. I love suspense thrillers and this work held my attention as well as one. Great imagery – you’ll sense Tolkien-like settings of medieval antiquity laced with mystical creatures, knightly honor, and magical feats. I was immediately drawn to Bauldane, the main character, and quickly disliked the first villain and every subsequent foe – good character development. There’s even humor and a smattering of romance – but not too much. 😉
All in all, I’d say if you like Tolkien or even Ted Dekker – my favorite – you’ll like Ivory Chronicles: Call of the Dead. I hope Mr. Mansfield brings us volume 2 soon, because I want Bauldane to find his true identity as much as he does!”
-Amazon Review


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