Table Talk – Meet Angelique

Welcome, readers, to another Table Talk! In the hot seat is Angelique who draws inspiration from her knowledge of the real world and injects it into her writing. Check out her interview below. Happy reading!


Hi Angelique! Thanks for joining us here on Table Talk. Tell us a little about yourself.

Good morning, James. Thanks for having me. As a disclaimer, I would like to add that all my responses are coming while I’m only on my second cup of coffee, so please be kind in your judgements of me.

What sorts of things do you write and where are you in the publishing process?

I write Young Adult Romantic Urban Fantasy, Dystopians, and New Adult Romances. I am about half-way in the second book of my “Mystics” trilogy, and I am currently seeking representation for the first book.

What inspires the stories you tell?

I have a Master’s degree in Religious Studies, so I enjoy turning ancient texts into modern fun. (That’s actually my tag line!) I don’t write vampires and werewolves. I write gods, goddesses, and demons as characters.

What life experiences have helped you to become a better writer?

For starters, I am an avid reader–which is a non-negotiable to the writing process.

When you write, how do you plan your schedule? Do you commit to a length of time, word count, or just write as time allows?

My writing is my job. I get the rest of the family off in the mornings, and then I go down to my office to write. I do aim for a word count every day.

What is the most challenging thing you’ve come across in pursuing this craft?

In my humble experience, until you are published, it’s hard to get anyone else to take your writing seriously. It’s almost like until you have something published, everyone else sees what you do as a hobby, no matter how seriously you take your own writing. But I suppose a lot of different artists in other crafts feel the same way.

Has anything come surprisingly easy for you?


How did you reach the decision to become an author? Was there a defining moment, or was the decision gradual?

This one is a bit of a story in itself. When my husband came home from his second deployment and we were transferring duty stations from Florida to Colorado, I had the idea of writing a series of Middle Grade books, almost like the Magic Tree House series, but with religions. I was desperately trying to put my Master’s to good use. My characters, however, had no interest in being Middle Grade, so I had to bump it up to Young Adult.

If you could sum up a piece of wisdom you’ve gained in your journey to write, what would it be?

Don’t stop. Don’t give up. And write for yourself. If everyone else likes it too, well that’s just icing on the cake.

How would you prepare someone who wanted to start writing? What advice would you give him/her?

Find a writer’s group to join. At minimum, find critique partners who understand the genre in which you are writing so that the feedback you receive is relevant.

What do you enjoy reading?

I read in several genres, and I read literary. I believe there is much to learn from the craft of as many writers as possible.

Do you have a favorite author? Do you have a favorite book?

I have too many favorite authors to list. And as far as what I consider a favorite book: if I read a book more than once, it’s a favorite. I can count on both hands the number of books that I have felt worthy of reading more than once (and taking time away from me reading a new book). It’s a strange unit of measurement, I know, but I’m a strange individual. Here are a few of my favorites:

A Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood

Life of Pi, Yann Martel

World War Z, Max Brooks

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

Indigo, Beverly Jenkins

The Infernal Devices Series, Cassandra Claire

Holly Black

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Alice Walker

Like Water for Chocolate

etc, etc, etc

Different people have different ideas of what makes a great story. What’s yours?

I want to be transported to another time/world/reality. And can you keep me there half the night when I should be sleeping?

What’s you’re dream writing job?

Writing my novels right now is my dream job. The only thing more that I could ask is to have them published.

Do you have any writing resources you swear by?

Find a community of writers. People are your best resources: for critiques, for plotting help, for networking, for support. FIND A TRIBE! They are out there, and they are waiting on you.

Angelique, thanks for joining us here on Table Talk. It’s been a pleasure!

Thank you! The pleasure has been all mine.