Aw, Crap!

Good Tuesday to you all…because I’m not having one. My computer sputtered and breathed its final digital breath over the weekend. As I’m typing this out on my phone, I can’t help but feel I may have taken its usefulness for granted. This is especially true because I’m currently too poor to get a new one. I understand all too well the term “starving artist.”

Make no mistake; is not done for and neither is my writing. In time and/or through a miracle, I will get a new computer to have everything up and running at full capacity again.

In the meantime, I have a GoFundMe campaign going on for this very reason. Even if I raise a little then maybe I can simply see if it’d be worth it to repair my old laptop. If you aren’t able to donate, I’d sure appreciate a share! Thanks!

My 2018 Writing Goals

2017…what a year, huh? There was bad weather, some guy that everybody hates, entered the Oval Office, and some people knelt instead of stood at football games. Plus some other stuff. Other stuff happened. The world moves on.

The year 2018 comes with a fresh blanket of snow (or a clean slate – whichever metaphor you want to use) and is a new chance for us all to make new choices. Hopefully we all strive to make good choices, so that we can live in a better world. Hey, it all starts with us, right? I enjoy making goals for the new year. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re the type to strive toward a better you, declaring or maybe writing down those goals can be a big help in achieving them. When I write down my goals (i.e. type them into a word processor), I feel more compelled to adhere to those goals, like I’m somehow held to a higher degree of accountability. I need that. When it comes to just doing something because I need to, or it’s important, I can be a little lazy. It’s not on purpose. For me, I tend to lose focus amidst my day-to-day responsibilities and forget the bigger picture. When I see the big picture, it helps me pinpoint those smaller details to bring that big picture to fruition.

Weird, huh? Maybe I’m just a walking paradox.


Here are my five writing goals for 2018.

#1  Release Ivory Chronicles: Ascension – This was supposed to happen quite a while ago, but I ran into several speed bumps that hindered my progress. I wrote this backstory on Sovereign Ithayleasin as a bit of a preamble to Book 2 in the main trilogy, but I also thought her story was one that was worth telling. Smaller and easier to read, I think it may draw more readers into the universe. We’ll see sometime this year!

#2  Complete Ivory Chronicles: Book 2 (subtitle pending) – It’s in the works. This is causing me some trouble as I’m having a hard time mapping some of the plot. I know it’s in there, somewhere, but I need to take the time and let it filter out onto the (digital) page. I know the end of the trilogy. It’s just getting there that’s causing me grief.

#3  Become a paid writer – Ugh, conventional jobs. Ugh, retail. Ugh, unruly hours. I’m a whine-bag when it comes to holding down good ol’ fashioned employment. Several years ago, I realized that I would go insane if I had to do a normal job the rest of my life.

Wait….just wait….

Before you judge me, let me say that I hold down said job like a boss – I have a smile on my face, use my can-do attitude, remain top-notch professional, and display a work ethic seldom seen in any workplace. I complain (not even that much) but I’m downright thankful for the job I have that provides money to pay bills.


When I completed Ivory Chronicles, I felt such joy and such fulfillment that I have to believe that writing is my calling. Making money as a writer, however, is harder than getting hardcore Star Wars fans to enjoy the new trilogy. It might happen, but it sure doesn’t look promising. So, whether this means becoming a (traditionally) published author, getting a writing job in a different field besides novel-writing, or just selling more of my independently published books, that’s my hope.

Speaking of selling more books…

#4  Sell 5 more copies of Ivory Chronicles: Call of the Dead – Indie publishing is super challenging. You have to network and splash yourself all over the internet just to get a little bit of exposure. The competition is super-fierce. You just want that smidgen of attention that might get you a sale or two, and many times you’ll find yourself disappointed and frustrated. If I can sell just 5 more copies of my first book, I’ll call that a win.

#5  Complete the first draft of another novel – I have a concept and premise worked out, and this would greatly deviate from the fantasy that I write, but I think it could be really fun. I won’t go into too much detail because things can easily change and go into an entirely new direction. Suffice it to say, however, I would draw on some interesting life experiences to make a potentially hilarious novel (series?). It’ll be worth taking a crack at it.

There they are. Do you have writing goals for 2018? Do you have other goals? Do you hate New Years resolutions and want them to die forever? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

New Website

Hello and welcome to my new website! Once upon a time I ran a different website that focused on Parkour and exercise in general that I just didn’t have the time and resources to fully devote to in order to make it a great experience. Since writing is my career goal, I thought, “What better alternative than to turn my site into an author/blog page?” So after a few headaches and a few $$$ later, here we are! Take a look around and see what might tickle your fancy. Not everything is up and running at 100% and I apologize for that, but keep coming back and I promise to have new and fresh content for you. Who knows? I might eventually be able to give the website a professional makeover one of these days.

As your guide, I just want to point you in a couple of directions:

If you’re reading this, you’ve found yourself in my personal blog known as “In Mansfield’s Mind.” I talk about writing, mostly, but will also deviate to who-knows-what at my indiscriminate whim. Fun times!

Here, you’ll find my segment, “Table Talk,” where I interview other writers at any and all stages in their efforts. It is meant to be a beacon of shining hope as well as a reality check to authors at any stage in the writing process. Learn, study, grow. As a sub-segment of Table Talk, I also host “Sundry Spotlight,” in which I interview people with unique hobbies or interests. If you write or if you have a fairly unique hobby or interest, feel free to go to the contact page and fill it out if you’d like a chance to be on Table Talk. I’d love to have you!

If you haven’t already noticed, I am an author as well. This very website, after all, is named after the very book I’ve authored. If you’re interested in the book itself or in what’s going on with my continued work in the series, head on over here to discover more.

Kick off your shoes, grab a cup of joe, and do some reading. Thanks for visiting!